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Sarah & Kevin

Portland, OR

As a first time home buyers new to Portland, it was really difficult for us to navigate and understand the property listings in the MLS reports from our realtor.

Our dream is to build our own tiny home and live in a community of like-minded people. Our ultimate goal was to find a large enough property for a few tiny houses and small urban farm.

We knew roughly the size of property we wanted, the distance from downtown, and our price range. But even with these criteria, we had to dig through hundreds of listings to find a property that matched our vision.

The format of the industry MLS reports made it almost impossible to browse listings from our phones. Even while at a computer, it's hard to pick out important pieces of information (address, price, etc.) from the cryptic reports. And harder still is understanding where these properties sit within an unfamiliar city.

When our realtor switched us to CustomMLS reports, we had a much easier time quickly narrowing down properties that best fit our needs and wants. Seeing them together on a map helped us eliminate the ones that were too far away and quickly act on the ideal locations.

Most importantly, being able to browse these reports just as easily on our phones meant staying connected to new listings while on the go and never missing a chance at our dream home.

We closed on June 14th and CustomMLS played a huge part in finding our perfect property. We're so excited to get started on our tiny house community!

— Kevin & Sarah

Here's why your clients will love it:

  • Mobile friendly reports for checking listings on their phone
  • Listings map to easily visualize property locations and relative price
  • Sort by price, house size, property size, and open space
  • Full screen photo gallery
  • Additional photos included in every listing: satellite imagery, street map with property lines, and a view from the street
  • Prominent display of key information: address, price, and property/home size
  • Optimized for speed - even big reports are often faster to load than the reports you're sending now
  • Completely automated, no setup or configuration required - keep sending email reports like you're used to
  • Keep your relationship with your clients - all reports are private and listing data is never shared or sold
  • Works perfectly with RMLS

We're still beta testing and looking for realtors to give feedback.

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